About Us


Tamma was set up 28 years ago in 1988, as a small enterprise providing health and beauty treatment at the then newly constructed Wisma MUIS. Within the first year, we saw demand in women clothing and accessories. Gradually introducing more fashion articles, with a fantastic response from loyal and satisfied customers, demand grew and so did our little enterprise. After many years of providing for both beauty treatment and fashion, high demand from the fashion side lead us to close our beauty salon where in order to give our full attention to the needs and interests of our customers. We put everything we had into this new adventure. We traveled all around the world to provide the best choices for our buyers. Everything was running smoothly, but there was always something tugging at our heart and mind. Soon we realised, the sincere and honest feedback which we love so much from our dear buyers only meant one thing – we must produce our own fashion line! That was the end of the tugging felling. The pure pleasure we received from our customers who are satisfied with our very own designs has lead us to provide more and better over the years. Tamma now has six branches in Sabah and one in Selangor. The future is bright. Our plans are endless.


Modesty for all

We come in different shades, sizes and shapes. Tamma has made its main aim to provide for all. Whether extra petite or plus size, it is our duty to give our beautiful shoppers the choices they deserve. We advocate confidence, pride and originality.



The reception we received from our store in Shah Alam is very promising. We are now looking to add a few more branches in West Malaysia. International customers usually order online either from our Facebook page or directly from our website. Our Aim is to have a ‘store within a store’ in Muslimah populated areas of Europe/North America. While everything is moving very quickly for us, we always ad will always look at where we began, where we still are, Kota Kinabalu, our beloved city, which have honoured us for so long.

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